Adam Cole is a Star WWE Can’t Ruin

Time and time again, WWE has taken wrestlers with star-potential and relegated them to the mid-card or a run of obscurity in their company.

What’s so bizarre about how frequent this occurs is the fact that many of these stars get pushed to the moon in NXT and have major support from the WWE Universe before ultimately being forgotten on the Main Roster.

When it comes to NXT Champion Adam Cole, though, it feels like it will be impossible for anybody to hold him down. Whether it was on the independent circuit or in NXT, Cole has proven that he isn’t just a flashy wrestler who knows how to put together a good chain wrestling sequence.

Instead, he’s proven that he’s the full package as far as look, in-ring work, character and promo ability. All of that resonates with the fans and it’s evident every single time his name is echoed with a resounding “Bay Bay” from the crowd never too far behind.

His aura of greatness was evident even from the first time the WWE Universe ever saw him at TakeOver Brooklyn III.

Cole Needs to Be Treated and Protected Like a Star

When Cole does make it to the Main Roster, and it’s certainly “when” and not “if” with Cole, then WWE will have to handle the situation properly. He isn’t just another guy they can let sit on the mid-card with 50/50 booking who eventually falls through the cracks. Cole’s charisma and in-ring ability will always push him to the top and not even Vince McMahon will be able to ignore that.

Coming off of perhaps the two best matches of his entire career, both coming against Johnny Gargano at TakeOver: New York and TakeOver: XXV, Cole is as hot as he’s ever been. Whether he stays in NXT for the time being with a reign as NXT Champion solidifying his excellence or he ends up making the jump to the Main Roster, Cole needs to be the focal point of the product.

This doesn’t mean that Cole needs to immediately be promoted to the Main Roster and given a World Championship opportunity. While he should undoubtedly be in that discussion one day, the slow build through the ranks just makes so much more sense for Cole, at least to begin.

If Cole can be given a hot feud from the get-go and eventually move on to win a mid-card Championship like the Intercontinental Title or the United States Title, he’d not only raise his own stock but the stock of the Championship as well.

Bischoff and Heyman’s Roles Should Benefit Cole

Fortunately for Cole, Raw and SmackDown have both trended upwards in recent weeks with both Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff set to take over the reins of the two shows respectively well before he ever makes his main roster debut. With both men proving that they’re capable of pushing star power to the moon throughout their time booking shows in this industry, Cole should benefit from their roles with the company.

More than anything, it seems nearly impossible for WWE to drop the ball with Cole. Some stars can’t escape mediocrity when the booking given to them is so poor. It isn’t their fault as they’re sometimes booked as jobbers or left off the card entirely week after week without any direction in mind. For Cole, though, WWE has a gold mine on their hands and they’d have to really try to hold him down as he just naturally gravitates towards the spotlight.

One way or another, Cole will become a megastar on the main roster one day. For now, though, he’ll continue to carry NXT on his shoulders as the top Champion with potential for even more five-star matches on the horizon before he ever gets called up.

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