9 Best Wrestlers Who Had Success in WWE and Impact Wrestling

While there are many wrestlers in the history if the industry who have made a name for themselves in one place throughout their career, many have competed in multiple companies and created a name for themselves in that way. One of the most notable cross-platform jumps we’ve seen over the years has been WWE-to-TNA or TNA-to-WWE.

With so many of WWE’s top stars (and so many of TNA/Impact Wrestling’s top stars) having a history in the opposing brand, it seems only fair to give the best of the best their due for having a great run in both companies. This list is comprised of various factors, such as championship runs, the significance of their careers in both companies among other things.

With that said, here are the nine best wrestlers to compete in both WWE and TNA/Impact Wrestling.

9. Robert Roode

Robert Roode was a main-stay in TNA/Impact Wrestling from 2004 until 2016. In his time with the company, he’d range from a tag team competitor to a singles’ star with multiple Championship reigns in between. Whether he was known as a member of Team Canada, Beer Money, Inc. or as Robert Roode, it was clear that he had drawing power and could perform both in the ring and on the mic.

This level of stardom would catapult him to multiple Championships in TNA, including the NWA World Tag Team Championships (twice), TNA King of the Mountain Championship, TNA World Tag Team Championships (six times) and most notably, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship (twice).

He’d make the jump to WWE and has seen a decent level of success in his short time with the company as well. His NXT run as a suit-wearing heel fully encapsulated everything that Roode is as a wrestler and he even wound up winning the NXT Championship before being called up to the main roster.

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Unfortunately, the main roster hasn’t been as rewarding for Roode who was packaged as a face and used in a clear mid-card capacity. This wouldn’t be as bad as it is when considering the fact that Roode was called up as a face at a time when WWE was struggling to find top-end heel talent for SmackDown Live.

Despite this, Roode has found himself winning both the United States Championship and the Raw Tag Team Championships alongside Chad Gable in his time on the main roster.

He may not be a superstar in WWE but he’s still had multiple title reigns and is able to bring it in the ring each and every week.

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