8 WWE Stars About to Undergo Character Changes

WWE is looking for new ways to get their ratings back. Week after week the numbers for WWE programs like Raw and SmackDown Live are plummeting and while Vince is moving Roman Reigns over to Raw, creating the Wild-Card rule or bringing Goldberg back for the Saudi show in June, these are hardly long-term fixes.

Like WWE is doing with Bray Wyatt, the company needs to re-imagine some of the performers they already have under contract. This is especially true of the useful stars they aren’t doing anything useful with. Wyatt has been able to capture the attention of the WWE Universe with his new Firefly Fun House videos and those segments have gone viral with fans eagerly awaiting his return to the ring. It is a moment fans will tune in to see.

The question is, who else can WWE do this with? The answer is, a lot of the talent and it looks like those plans may already be underway.

Here are some of the stars WWE plans to repackage:

Matt Hardy

Big Money Matt is a character that has been in the works for a while with Matt Hardy. He’s had it in his mind, even before Broken/Woken Matt and probably while he was teaming with his brother Jeff. With Jeff now on the shelf, Matt is free to try something new and his social media updates suggest this something new is on the way.

Hardy posted at least two updates with this character in mind. His goal is try and gain sympathy from the WWE Universe because his money and good looks are a burden. He has to work too hard to maintain his looks and style, walk through too large a house… Talk about an easy way to become a hated heel. And, it seems a heel is the direction Hardy is looking to take this character.

If WWE gives him some creative freedom to make this work, it could be quite entertaining.

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Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan was split from the Riott Squad and since then, we’ve not seen much of Ruby Riott, Sara Logan or Morgan. Morgan may be showing up soon.

She was drafted to SmackDown and her name fits the show perfectly. In much the same way Seth Rollins sells “Monday Night Rollins”, WWE intends to market the catchphrase “SmackDown Liv”. Depending on where she takes the opportunity, it could be fun to watch.

Morgan has a way about her that’s hard not to notice. She may not be the most gifted wrestler to come out of the Riott Squad, but she might be the one with the biggest “it” factor.

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Heath Slater

Will WWE keep Heath’s “I Got Kids” gimmick? One of the more underrated enhancement talents on the roster, Heath seems to stick around despite not getting much to work with. He showed up quickly on Monday’s broadcast but otherwise, he’s not been used at all. Perhaps there’s a reason.

Slater posted a response to a Twitter fan asking where he wound up and Heath responded, “I’m in the shadows.” Is there something to this? One can certainly hope so.

Jinder Mahal

WWE may not get to it right away but with the sinking ratings, how long will it take before the company notices that the last time their ratings were setting record highs, Mahal was the WWE Champion?

Most people hated his run as the title holder but, in that, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When you’re hated, you’re drawing heat. Drawing heat means people are tuning in to watch and boo you. That’s the mark of a good heel.

We can’t forget, the reason WWE gave him the title in the first place is because of the mass amount of people in India. Mahal is a king there. Is a character coming where he re-embraces those roots, returns to his selling the idea that he’s the greatest star to represent his great nation?

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Can we make the argument that a simple change or hair color will lead to a change or character? Maybe not. But then again, in the case of Carmella? Maybe.

Carmella and her partnership with R-Truth is popular and the dance break is a hit. Lost in all of that is the fact Carmella was at one time and very entertaining Women’s Champion on SmackDown Live. She was fun to hate and ratings were high when she was at the top of the brand.

WWE is realizing Becky Lynch holding two belts might not be the best idea. There’s a concern of over-exposure and a loss of the buzz she’d earned on her way to WrestleMania 35. Could giving a blonde and heel Carmella be a good way to go?

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AOP is set to return to WWE imminently. Don’t expect it to be with Drake Maverick by their side.

Sometimes, a break gives WWE a chance to re-evaluate what they did with a duo like Authors of Pain. Maverick was never really a strong fit and the team is probably better off without him.

Aleister Black

I’m not sure where exactly WWE is going with Aleister Black’s new video clips but they’re doing more than making him a quiet, high-flying man of mystery. The company has decided to tell a story and as time goes by, it appears Black is going to reveal a history about himself, proving how little everyone really knows about him.

This gimmick appears to be headed in the same type of direction Bray Wyatt’s did when he first debuted. Cryptic message will turn into strange events in the ring and Black beating his opponents as they fall stunned to the things he does in the ring.

Like Wyatt had his lantern, expect some sort of strange sidepiece to come with Black in the future.

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Buddy Murphy

Speaking of secretive, can you wait to see what Buddy Murphy does as a member of SmackDown Live? After all, according to Murphy, he’s 205 Live’s best-kept secret.

Expect Murphy to heavily deviate from what he did on that show. One of the best performers on the brand, he never really seemed like a Cruiserweight and it was a bit hard to believe he fell under the weight limit.

Instead, Murphy will probably be where he’s meant to be. Here’s to hoping WWE gives him a chance and that he’s lost in the shuffle.

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