7 Things to Expect With Heyman and Bischoff Now Running Raw and SmackDown

With the news on Thursday that WWE was bringing back two familiar faces to do what they arguably do best, it’s hard not to wonder what fans should expect when it comes to WWE’s flagship shows Raw and SmackDown Live. Paul Heyman was hired as the Executive Director for Raw and Eric Bischoff the Executive Director for SmackDown and changes are forthcoming.

How much either has in terms of creative influence is yet to be disclosed and we may never fully know how much either had to do with the product fans will see on Mondays and Tuesdays going forward but it has to be assumed Vince McMahon chose both because of their name recognition and experience. In short, why would he not listen to their advice?

In an attempt to predict some of the items in Heyman’s and Bischoff’s to-do list, we’re taking what we think is an educated guess on what might be on the horizon.

7) Different Looks for Raw and SmackDown

Outside of ring ropes, there’s not a huge difference in terms of look and feel between Raw and SmackDown. For a company that badly wants a brand split but has all but abandoned it, a facelift for both brands might be in order.

Heyman’s old ECW was a bit more grunge and while WWE likely won’t ditch the high-quality lighting and staging, a more “Raw” feel might be just what the doctor ordered. And, who better to deliver that than Heyman?

Meanwhile, Bischoff has experience turning a less-than-quality looking product into a high-end production. SmackDown Live is hardly low-end, but with a few tweaks, a distinct difference between Monday and Tuesday won’t be that tricky to accomplish. Not to mention, this will be just in time for WWE to introduce a new look for the new networks, FOX and NBC.

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6) Heel Turns

Eric Bischoff was part of an interview with Chris van Vliet back in June and said he was irritated by the fact WWE was cramming Roman Reigns down the throats of the WWE audience. He didn’t like the excuse that “the fans would determine Reigns’ direction.”

Bischoff said his first order of business would be to turn Reigns heel and if Reign couldn’t talk his way through being a bad guy, Bischoff would find someone who could talk for him. Now a year later, Bischoff might not still feel Reigns is best suited for the heel turn, but someone will be and it will be a shock when it happens.

Remember, Bischoff is the man behind one of the biggest heel turns in wrestling history when Hulk Hogan joined the NWO.

Not to be outdone, Heyman is no slouch when turning characters and getting the fans to become emotionally invested in someone and then having that someone turn.

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