7 Tag Teams WWE Can Build Around (7 They Can’t)

Vince McMahon has never been known as a promoter who loves tag team wrestling. Yet, over the course of his creating, growing and exploding WWE, he’s had some incredibly talented wrestling partnerships at his disposal.

Today, tag team wrestling is an art that true fans appreciate. Look no further than AEW’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view where The Lucha Bros and The Young Bucks put on a five-star match and you’ll quickly realize, an entire show can be based around a good tag team bout.

NXT has started to become known as a brand that offers good tag team competition, but what about the main roster in WWE? Do they have teams that can compete with AEW or other promotions that understand the strength of a good duo?

Here are five teams WWE can build around, and five they probably can’t.

Can Build Around: New Day

New Day WWE
New Day WWE

The popularity of New Day might be unmatched in the history of tag team wrestling. You’d have to go all the way back to the the days of Edge and Christian vs. The Hardys vs. The Dudley’s to find anything close. Before that, it was teams like the British Bulldogs and the Hart Foundation.

New Day is unique in that they are a three-man group. A team that started out slowly (they were almost split up and Xavier Woods almost fired) they’ve since become one of the hottest groups in WWE. There’s a lot to offer with this team including more work as a team and an eventual split which would be one of the most intriguing stories in the company when it happens.

There are rumblings of a Big E turn on Kofi Kingston and if WWE goes this route, expect everyone to watch intently.

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Probably Can’t: Daniel Bryan and Rowan

Daniel Bryan and Rowan claim to be the Planet’s Tag Team Champions and it’s an interesting idea but who are we kidding? Rowan is an insignificant part of this team and Bryan makes it click.

This partnership is about 90/10 Bryan to Rowan so if, at any time, WWE wants to replace Rowan with another big man, it’s pretty simple to do. The team will keep on clicking and Bryan will continue to be the star.

Outside of that, Bryan’s history with injuries means this probably isn’t an idea that lasts the long term.

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