7 Factions WWE Should Run With After WrestleMania 36

Knowing what’s going to happen with WWE after WrestleMania 36 is anyone’s guess at this point. They’d shot enough footage to get through the biggest pay-per-view of the year and the Monday Night Raw that follows, but everything else is a big question mark.

WrestleMania is often the pay-per-view that brings an end to a number of current storylines. So too, if WWE is forced to go on vacation, they’ll be a few angles that the company can start fresh on, characters they can re-boot and ideas they can run with.

While we’re aware Vince McMahon is not a huge fan of factions, there’s a lot that can be done with them and ways to properly utilize stars that have been previously under-utilized. We’ve listed a few ideas below:

The Firefly Fun House

WWE has not added anyone to Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House since the show began to air in vignettes that introduced the WWE Universe to characters like Abby The Witch, Ramblin’ Rabbit and Huskus the Pig. We’re not suggesting WWE add more puppets. No, instead, Wyatt needs actual members of his Fun House family.

There were early rumors Liv Morgan might join. Then she inexplicably got tossed into a love triangle storyline with Rusev and Lana. It’s a storyline WWE has seemingly dropped. Why not put Liv where she can actually flourish?

From there, add a couple other members, and over a lengthy period of time to keep his family fresh. What would it look like? Think the Human Oddities meets the Wyatt Family. WWE wouldn’t even need to have matches to move this storyline along — a hurdle it seems they are going to need to overcome.

Our preference would be to add Morgan to the family and build the strange relationship that comes of it, even teasing possible a love angle a la the Joker and Harley Quinn. Then add someone like Drake Maverick who has a history of playing weird characters from his time in Impact Wrestling and has the personality to pull it off. After that, all you need is the muscle. Our pick would be like Bronson Reed from NXT or Lars Sullivan, should he ever return.

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The Messiah Disciples: Seth Rollins Followers

With news the AOP will be out for some time, Rollins needs new disciples. He’ll likely keep Murphy, but a duo isn’t enough to form a cult-like following. This group needs to consist of at least four members, often bringing in new people and kicking out old ones.

Unlike a Fun House faction, this group consists of the best of the best. Rollins and Murphy can go. AOP was muscle with a high ceiling. There has to be a certain caliber of star expected to join the group. Our first pick would have been The Revival, but it looks like they’re taking off. Why not someone like EC3?

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The Yes! Club

Perhaps the name isn’t what we should focus on here (no, we don’t like the Yes! Club either) but the idea would be continuing to build the Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak relationship, add Chad Gable and perhaps one more person.

Gable has already injected himself into this group on social media and Daniel Bryan seems to be open to it. And, if rumors are true that Bryan is calling a lot of his own shots and that’s why Gulak is in there, let him keep picking his guys because he clearly knows what he’s doing. Gulak and Bryan have been a hit and Gable would fit right in.

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