6 Reasons WWE Raw Took A Step Backwards

Monday’s episode of Raw was interesting. Far more entertaining than some of the recent shows, but last week’s Raw was so good, it was going to be hard to live up to what was perceived as Paul Heyman’s first show.

This week’s episode took a big step backward.

Here are a few reasons we did not love the show considering the momentum last week’s program had built:

The Mixed Tag Elimination

The episode started with Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins teaming up against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans in a mixed tag elimination match. The rules were, once one gender of the team was out, the other matching gender had to leave as well since women couldn’t wrestle men.


Essentially, when Lynch tapped Evans, she eliminated herself from the match. It gave her and Rollins absolutely no advantage to get the first pin, other than perhaps arguing they had momentum on their side. It was a terrible booking decision and that kind of match simply shouldn’t exist in WWE. There’s no point.

We’d written before about WWE needing to find ways to get in commercial breaks without interrupting matches. This was probably an attempt to try something else and it flopped hard.

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Gary “The GOAT” Garbutt Main Eventing Raw

The idea of Gary “the GOAT” getting a shot as Roman Reigns’ tag team partner was an interesting bit of storytelling until you realized it was Cedric Alexander and he ate a Claiborne Kick for his troubles.

Alexander teaming with Reigns and making enemies of Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre made little sense and it certainly wasn’t an angle worthy of closing Raw for the week.

It was also extremely anticlimactic in the sense that WWE went to the trouble of planting the idea behind someone being under that mask and that someone wasn’t able to pull off the win. Roman was largely absent in the latter half of the contest and it was a showcase of Alexander having almost enough, but not really.

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The Street Profits Pimping Extreme Rules

I’m already a fan of the Street Profits and think they have the potential to be big stars. In a way, they remind me of Big Cass and Enzo, but with wrestling talent.

But, the way WWE used them this week was disappointing. Instead of poking fun of someone like Heyman or being in the ring for a segment, they simply pumped Extreme Rules and pitched the WWE Network. I’d rather WWE have left them off the show if that’s all they were there to do.

Maria Pregnancy Angle

So how far along is Maria exactly? I ask because she’s either totally full of sh-t or she’s already getting cravings that tend to come a little further along during the pregnancy. WWE went from shouting Maria’s pregnancy to sending Mike Kanellis around looking for pickles and ice cream.

I was one of the select few who thought the introduction of this angle might actually lead to something for Mike Kanellis and I’m still holding out hope that is the case, but this wasn’t a good start.

Viking Experience Beating Jobbers

Sometimes a job team taking on a team you’re trying to push is ok, but why not bring back a tag team that fans haven’t seen in a while? The Headbangers, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, The World’s Greatest Tag Team?…

It can’t be that hard to call these guys up and offer a quick paycheque and at the same time, bring some nostalgia to the show.

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Rey Mysterio’s Return Ruined

Again, I’m totally in favor of the push Bobby Lashley is getting. I prefer this meaner and more viscous side of his personality. But, to throw a returning Rey Mysterio to the wolves here is unfortunate.

I watched that match thinking to myself, “I wonder if backstage WWE went around and asked who would put Lashley over and Mysterio being such a good guy, said sure.’ Otherwise, I couldn’t find the logic in choosing his return as the time to make Lashley a monster.

The tease of throwing him through the stage was cool though.

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