5 Reasons Not To Freak Out Over the Velasquez / Kingston Finish to SmackDown

Well, if WWE wanted people talking about Friday Night SmackDown after it came to a close, they succeeded. Not all the feedback is good and there are certainly opinions on both ends of the spectrum but, good on you WWE, you did what you set out to do.

Most of social media went nuts Kofi Kingston lost his WWE Championship in a matter of seconds in the night’s main event. Some of the fire was put out when Cain Velasquez appeared and it became clear what the focus of the closing minutes of the show would be, but to many, it wasn’t enough.

We’re here to tell that, yes, it was.

Here are reasons you can stop freaking out about the finish to Friday Night Smackdown now. You can climb off the ledge, you can take a chill pill and you can settle down and watch what unfolds. You can be like Rusev, Johnny Gargano and so many others who tonight, are proud for what Kofi accomplished.

Reason 1: Thank Kofi, Don’t Pity Him

If you think Kofi Kingston is sitting around right now pouting about his loss to Lesnar, — pulling a Sasha Banks and crying on the locker room floor — over the way he was treated by WWE, think again. (by the way, that Sasha thing is just a rumor, we don’t think she did that either).

First, from every report we’ve heard, Kofi isn’t like that. He’s truly humble, the nicest guy ever, understands the business and likely appreciates the time he got with the belt more than any of us fans can possibly imagine.

Would he have liked to lose the title differently? Maybe. But, is he thankful for the extended run he got with the belt, the people he beat along the way and how we was provided a big fat thank you by WWE for all the years he’s put in without a single complaint? Of course. Why wouldn’t he be?

For every person who thinks this is the end for Kofi, all we can ask is ‘Really?’ I even had one guy tell me on Twitter to delete our account because we had to nerve to tell people to stop losing their minds over this. He suggested Kofi would wind up on Main Event. C’mon man, actually pay attention to the product.

Reason 2: Lesnar Got the Kofi Treatment Not That Long Ago

While fans are all bent out of shape about Kofi losing a match in under ten seconds, have they already forgotten about how the same guy who just beat Kofi, extended the same favor to Goldberg?

When Goldberg first returned, he squashed Lesnar in a moment that will always be remembered… or at least, until someone else has to take a loss in the same fashion. Lesnar clearly wasn’t owed anything for doing said favor, but it just goes to show, the sky isn’t falling because Kofi got pinned quickly.

Wrestlers lose quickly all the time. Daniel Bryan took a boot from Sheamus at a WrestleMania and came back to win the title in one of the most dramatic WrestleMania main events ever. The best of the best have been squashed a time or two.

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Reason 3: Kofi Was Going to Lose Anyways

While the setup suggested the show would close with a title match that had a competitive feel to it, Kofi wasn’t going to walk out with the championship. The second Lesnar was placed into this match, it was a foregone conclusion that he’d be crowned the new champion and move over to SmackDown where Fox desperately wants him.

Cain Velasquez on WWE
Cain Velasquez on WWE

Lesnar is Fox’s chosen star. This was coming, like it or not.

At the same time, Kofi and the New Day are proven stars and a commodity to WWE. WWE isn’t throwing the baby out with the bathwater. For all we know, Kofi may even one day be the champion again. But, all good things come to an end. There weren’t going to be too many guys who could take the title off Kofi and take the heat. Lesnar can. And because he did, this is hardly going to hurt Kofi’s legacy.

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Reason 4: This Was A Cain Velasquez Debut Worth Remembering

If Velasquez elects to sign with WWE, tell me why introducing him this way is a bad idea. If you try, I won’t agree, unless he signs with AEW. If that happens, WWE really has egg on their face.

But, if he stays with WWE, (and signs point in that direction) this is memorable. Velasquez will hunt the man who hurt his friend. He’ll hunt the man he beat in UFC and he’ll hunt the title. It’s highly-entertaining television and that’s the job of WWE, to give us something fun to watch.

Furthermore, despite rumors of Velasquez negotiating with WWE, this was not expected. These are the kind of surprises fans clamor for. Tonight we got one. It hardly seems right to criticize and tear apart something we’ve been hoping WWE would do more of.

Reason 5: The Show Was Jam-Packed

We know there are some complaints out there right now that names like Steve Austin, Undertaker, Sting and others didn’t show up on Friday. We get that. But, the fans being the loudest that this was an issue are likely the same fans who moan and complain the shows are too long.

WWE delivered a solid episode of television from start to finish at a pace fans love. Sorry, but there’s no way to fit everyone in over a two-hour time slot. That said, had WWE gone to three hours and put all those people of tv, there’d have been complaints the show was too long.

This was a good show with lots to offer. They catered to the boxing crowd with Tyson Furry, the MMA crowd with Velasaquez and Lesnar, the music crowd with Marshmello and the legends crowd with appearances by Hogan, Goldberg, The Rock, Flair and more.

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