8 Reasons WWE Mentioned But Should Have Ignored AEW In Talent Meeting

WWE held a talent-only meeting just prior to Money in the Bank on Sunday. For the first time, reports are WWE mentioned the name of another wrestling promotion as competition. We all know the name of the company was All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

The question is, should WWE really be all that worried? Was it worth bringing them up? Or, would they have been better served to leave it alone and not drop the new company’s name?

Yes, AEW has a new tv deal and top-notch talent. No, AEW has never done this before and no one has ever successfully taken out WWE. In fact, one has to ask, ‘Is AEW even going to try?’

Here are four reasons WWE has a right to be a bit worried and it makes sense AEW was mentioned. Here are also four reasons WWE shouldn’t lose much sleep over AEW’s existence and should have kept them out of the meeting.

Mentioned: AEW TV Deal

No wrestling company outside WWE has had a major television network deal since WCW. That show, (Nitro) was also on TNT and for 83 weeks it looked a little scary for Vince McMahon. Eventually, Mr. McMahon was able to overcome big money and sneaky tactics. There’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to do so again.

Still, Vince is squirming. You can see in the product WWE is putting on television he’s unsure of himself and his writers. The question will become, ‘Can Vince make his show more entertaining than AEW’s?’

Should Have Ignored: TV Show Not on Same Night

The question, ‘Can Vince make his show more entertaining than AEW’s?’ should be followed by, ‘Does it matter?’. For all the talk of WWE and AEW both having a tv show on a major network, one thing needs to be remembered; the shows aren’t on the same night.

While it’s not been confirmed, AEW will air on Tuesday or Wednesday. Raw will air on Mondays and SmackDown Live on Fridays. If wrestling fans want to watch enough wrestling content, none of the shows should be affected and both shows can enjoy a massive audience. In fact, the last time two wrestling shows existed on major networks, the entire industry saw a spike. Perhaps this happens again and both shows see an increase in viewership as a result.

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