24 Things to Know About WWE’s New 24/7 Championship

On Monday, the new 24/7 Championship was introduced by Mick Foley. Below are 24 things you need to know about this title (some of these we know to be true, others we’re are assuming are):

Thing 1: Mick Foley Chosen Because…

Foley was specifically chosen to introduce the title by Vince McMahon. Part of the reason was that he had a history with the Hardcore Title, which was defended under similar rules. Vince wanted someone the crowd wouldn’t turn on and would cheer regardless of the announcement.

Thing 2: Anytime, Anywhere

This belt can be defended on any show, anytime and anywhere and will be eligible to Superstars on Raw, SmackDown LIVE, 205 Live, NXT, NXT UK and even WWE Legends and Hall of Famers.

Thing 3: What About the Women?

Women will be part of the eligible challengers but WWE hasn’t quite worked out the logistics of how that will all work.

Things aren’t exactly the same as they once were when WWE had inter-gender matches.

Thing 4: Throw Out Wild Card Rule

Those who show up on a show to compete for the title are not likely to be counted as WWE Superstars who have crossed shows under the Wild Card Rule.

Because the rules of the title state anyone can win it if they have a referee, their contract status with a certain show becomes irrelevant.

Thing 5: Returning Superstars

WWE plans to bring back some returning Legends to win the title and lose the title. Names considered would be Kurt Angle, Diamond Dallas Page, Mark Henry and Christian or Edge.

Because we mentioned them here doesn’t mean they’ll say yes.

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Thing 6: Vince’s Slapstick

This could really open up WWE, specifically Vince, to go for some of the comedic ideas only he likes. You’ll see goofy title changes in hotels, supermarkets, bars, backstage and in crazy places.

Thing 7: Haters and Opportunists

There are already stars backstage who hate the idea but others who are realizing this may be their only opportunity to get on tv. Some stars are seeing this as a chance to steal a moment on camera, others think it’s a joke.

Thing 8: A Social Media Play

There is going to be a major emphasis by WWE to encourage Superstars and the company to talk about the title and hunting for the championship on social media. One of the things addressed in the talent-only meeting before Money in the Bank was upping their social media presence. WWE believes this will help.

Thing 9: Rewarded for Promotion

WWE is going to reward talents who promote the title on social media. You could see on Monday night at least a half-dozen stars get in on the action including Maverick, Matt Hardy and others.

Thing 10: Foley Do More the Intro Title?

There is some consideration to having Mick Foley actually win the title at some point. They like the idea of getting him involved in a way that isn’t too taxing physically.

Thing 11: Nod to XFL

The whole concept of the first man to grab the belt would win the title as its inaugural champion, was a last-minute idea. It was a quick solution for how to get the ball rolling without an actual match and was a nod to the old XFL way of starting the game instead of a coin toss.

Thing 12: Mid-Carders Only

There is no thought to having major players and main eventers in this title scene. This is really just about the mid-card and lesser-used talents getting a showcase. If a main event guy is used, let that be your sign he’l or she is not considered main event material at that moment in WWE’s eyes.

Thing 13: Just Made AEW’s Day

AEW is going to use this as a rallying cry or fuel, if you will, for their branding. They’ll subtly tout the fact that their titles mean everything and WWE keeps proving their titles mean nothing.

While WWE did this as a way to counteract the fact that AEW is now their competition, AEW will see this as WWE resorting to terrible ideas to draw attention to themselves.

Thing 14: Unexpected Challengers

Talents you wouldn’t expect to be in the hunt for this title will be. Drake Maverick was a good example on Monday. This will lead him farther from 205 Live as general manager and may open the door for a new GM to be named later.

Thing 15: It’s an Ugly Belt

Fans immediately jumped all over the look of the title and the idea of having another belt with so many titles already in the company.

Thing 16: Title Can Change When We Don’t See It

In the future, there is a chance the title will change hands without any witnesses seeing the change. Social media notifications or WWE.com updates will be the way WWE announces a title switching and they’ll simply say something to the effect, “At 11:05 pm on Friday, X Champion was defeated by ___ at.” Or, WWE may choose to film exclusive footage not intended for tv. WWE.com included WWE Live Events or even on social media as ways the title could change hands.

Thing 17: Comedic Returns

Expect Hornswoggle and James Ellsworth to be two stars WWE brings back only to be part of the angle for the 24/7 title. These won’t be the only former WWE stars either. Could we see someone like a David Arquette or celebrity guest host win it? Probably.

Thing 18: Foley Made a Goof

People were freaking out backstage when Foley had the title slipping out of the bag before he made the official announcement. You could see cameramen actively trying to get shots that were close-ups of Foley but didn’t reveal the color of the green belt peeking out of the bag.

Thing 19: Almost a Hardcore Return?

There was some thought to having a Hardcore Title, but not much knowing WWE was a PG product and they couldn’t justify the open use of weapons or foreign objects to win it.

Thing 20: No DQ

The rules during any challenge will be extremely loose when it comes to disqualifications. Don’t expect there to really be any. If a referee can make a count, they will.

Thing 21: WWE Shocked By Reaction

WWE was actually surprised backstage when fans booed the announcement of the championship. Foley wasn’t expecting it and it threw him off a bit from the promo he was trying to give.

Thing 22: A Star is Born

As much as a number of fans hate this new title and some Superstars don’t want to be included because it will signify their status as mid-card players, some talent will take full advantage of the opportunity and WWE is expecting a star will come out of all of this.

Thing 23: Needed to Be Durable

WWE intentionally did not make this the most attractive title they could have. They wanted it to be more durable and not be considered a high-level title. It needed more of a look that landed somewhere in between the broken hardcore belt and the tag team championships.

Thing 24: Short-Term Fix

This won’t last.

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