10 Stars Who Should Switch Shows During WWE Superstar Shake-up

Next week, WWE kicks off its yearly Superstar Shake-up on Raw and continues the massive changes on SmackDown Live the following night. A few big names will change place during the broadcasts and after the show ends, a number of other Superstars will switch rosters, their moves being announced on WWE.com or social media.

We know there will be far more than 10 changes between the shows, but below, we’ve outlined the 10 superstar moves we’d most like to see.

The criteria is either that these stars make better sense on their new shows, they need to hit the refresh button or these talents are being buried in their current slots and we’d like to see them get an opportunity.

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Ricochet: SmackDown Live

If SmackDown Live is set to become the brand that has the best in-ring performances and offers the best matches, Ricochet needs to be on that brand. FOX will be happy and so will fans who will get the chance to see him square off against opponents like Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Andrade, Kevin Owens and any number of others talents on the blue brand who can go on a nightly basis.

Ricochet might be the most watchable Superstar in WWE and while his duo with Aleister Black is all well and good, for him to take the next step in his development as a singles star, he needs to separate from his current partner.

If Ricochet moves to SmackDown Live and has the matches we know he’s capable of having, he could easily be one of the co-main events at WrestleMania next year.

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