WWE Adds New Stipulation to AJ Styles vs. Undertaker Match

In what appears to be the first signs of WWE changing up the venues for WrestleMania, AJ Styles came out for a promo on Raw after the 2015 Rumble match aired and challenged The Undertaker to a Boneyard Match.

We have no idea what a BoneYard Match is, but we have to assume its WWE’s attempt to film aspects of WrestleMania 36 outside of the confines of the WWE Performance Center.

On Raw, Styles continued to get personal with The Undertaker. He showed footage of Mark Calaway and Michelle McCool pleading with fans to save the tigers and proceeded to make more personal shots at The Deadman, poking fun at his attire, including what he called The Undertakers “maternity pants” on last week’s episode.

He then challenged The Undertaker to a match Styles felt would be right at home for a man of The Undertaker’s personality.

We have to give props to Styles as the promo was hilarious, but, most of all, we’re excited for the stipulation Styles added to their WrestleMania match. It will change things up from what everyone might have expected to be a stinker in front of an absent audience.

Will we find out what the rules of a Boneyard Match are? Likely, yes. WWE is taping more episodes of Raw after tonight’s live show and surely, they will work on developing this storyline.

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