What Does WWE Do With Wyatt After Winning Universal Title?

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Now that The Fiend is The Champ, there are a lot of unanswered questions.

WWE answered the first of many by giving a SmackDown roster member a widely-known Raw Championship. Moments after the show ended, WWE of Fox tweeted that Wyatt would still be making his scheduled appearance tomorrow night on SmackDown as a guest on MizTV, calling it a much more interesting show now.

Is this a ratings ploy for tomorrow night since the show suffered ugly numbers last week? After all, Wyatt is scheduled to meet Rollins a rematch on Monday, as part of the Raw episode.

Would WWE really just be giving Wyatt a title long enough to have him promote one weekly show, drop it again on the next and things go back to normal? WWE has done crazier things, but that seems unlikely here.

Fiend Is Way Over

If there’s one thing WWE has learned after the debacle that was the Hell in a Cell PPV, it’s that Wyatt is over, and in a big way. Fans were not pleased to see Seth Rollins keep the Universal Championship and Crown Jewel made up for that.

The way Thursdays’ Halloween-day PPV was booked is how WWE probably should have booked their first encounter. They didn’t. Lesson learned. They fixed an error in booking judgement and put the title around the waist of the man who will carry one of these shows forward until WrestleMania.

The question is, ‘Which show?’

Expect to See Fiend on Raw

Outside of this Monday’s appearance, speculation is that The Fiend will be moved to Raw to keep the Universal Championship on that brand and Brock Lesnar on Fridays. In reality, Wyatt going to SmackDown was a last-minute change anyways. This is bound to be a simple course-correction.

From there, expect a bigger name from Raw to move over to SmackDown in exchange. Perhaps WWE will make it part of a stipulation from this year’s Survivor Series. The story writes itself.

The winner of a traditional Survivor Series match-up gets to choose one of the members of the losing team to head over to their brand. SmackDown wins and chooses someone. Done and done.

Meanwhile, Wyatt stays away from Lesnar, he terrorizes Raw, finds a new adversary and rules the brand on Mondays.

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