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John Cena Says He’ll Be At WrestleMania No Matter What

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While questions surround the status of John Cena at this year’s WrestleMania, most fans are expecting to see him in some capacity. If an interview with entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet is any indication, those fans are probably correct.

Vliet spoke with John Cena while in New York City for WWE’s WrestleMania 35 festivities on Friday. Above is the video of the interview and Cena revealed a few items that are worth noting:

“I will be at Wrestlemania every year”

“I will be at WrestleMania every year no matter what. I just don’t have anything this year and I’ve come to grips with that.,” Cena said. He then passed on some wisdom for WWE performers who aren’t on the card but part of the company. “To all those out there who just don’t have a match at WrestleManiaand don’t feel like they are a part of WrestleMania, take it from me, you can still contribute to the weekend without physically being a performer in the ring.”

For himself, Cena didn’t want to take away a spot from someone who had worked hard to earn it. So it sounds like he’ll just go and lend a hand where he can.

On Being Kurt Angle’s Opponent

Cena didn’t give an indication either way as to if he was disappointed or not that he’s not going to be where Baron Corbin is on Sunday. He said, “That is beyond my control.” He added that is doesn’t really matter, in that:

“Everyone always asks me ‘What do you want to do for WrestleMania?’ or ‘What’s your dream opponent?’ and I have never ever gone about our business that way. I do what is asked of when and then when I get what is told of me what I have to do, I try to make it super special. So in the fantasy match making world, all of that stuff with Kurt Angle is a good conversation. I’m glad to be in that conversation because that means a lot to me, that means people remember that first match and it would be a nice cycle of life. It seems to make sense but I trust in the grand plan and I trust in the process and I will do what I am told.”

The Rest of Cena’s Wisdom

Cena believes AEW is a good thing as “competition is great because it forces you to step up or step aside and I think that is fantastic.” He talked about internal competition in WWE and now external which is only good for everyone and forces people to step up their game. “Competition also stands for the state of the wrestling economy and it’s really good right now. There are a lot of people overseas and smaller promotions are getting larger and more traction which means you are consuming more sport entertainment and/or wrestling which is great for everything.”

Cena also added that all his stuff on Instagram about Baron Corbin might be foreshadowing and it might not be. He believes the idea of Instagram is to imagine and interpret what you want and he’s been doing that. “I posted one today that was super, super subtle and tomorrow’s one is even more layer of the onion subtly. “He says he enjoys using the medium in a different way and creating a virtual art gallery that sparks conversation.

What Should We Take From All This?

Cena will be at WrestleMania 35. He might not be wrestling and he might be. He might not have anything to do with Kurt Angle, yet he might. All we know is, in some form, fans will see the 16-time champion.

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