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Another WWE Superstar Publicly Airs Frustrations With Company

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It seems like the popular thing to do these days to air your WWE work grievances for the social media world to see.

Tyler Breeze is the latest WWE Superstar to use a platform like Twitter and subtly blast the company he works for. On Sunday, in a series of tweets, Breeze wrote about his anger (well, at the least indifference) for being misused over a period of about four years.

Over the course of multiple conversations with both fans and fellow WWE employees, Breeze basically said he’s been stuck on Main Event for what feels like an eternity. This domino of tweets all started when he wrote, “Eventually you say, ‘No Thank you I’m worth more….'” From there, things snowballed into a series of back and forth conversations (if you can call tweets actual conversations.)

One fan responded with, “Then they give you a $500 raise and a promised match on Raw”. Breeze sarcastically responded, “Is that what happens? See ya at Raw.”

Over the course of a couple more hours, the tweets kept coming, Breeze even chatting with WWE official Scott Armstrong who asked if Breeze was having a tough day. Breeze responded, “No more than usual… see ya on main event tomorrow.”

Breeze changed the course of the conversation by promoting a couple of his upcoming appearances during WrestleMania week, but by then, it seemed clear he was either airing his frustrations or having fun with fans. So many WWE Superstars have started to use their social media accounts to talk about their frustrations with WWE, it’s hard to know these days if people are really upset or if this type of chatter has become a trend for drawing a little heat. In some cases, the attention has worked as tag teams like The Revival have gotten a push after it was reported they’d asked for their WWE releases. Breeze even took the time to respond to another wrestling website who wrote an article about what appeared to be his status with WWE.

When a fan asked about Fandango and if Breeze believed there would be brighter days ahead when the two were ready to roll again as a tag team, Breeze responded with, “U don’t actually think there’s a plan do u?”

The tweets finally stopped when a fan told him he was crying like a baby and Breeze responded, “Haha oh man I’m sorry to disappoint ya bud.”

In the end, while no one really knows what’s going on between Breeze and WWE (apparently not even fellow WWE employees) it appears he’s not happy with his role in the company and, as it will when this kind of stuff gets out, there will be plenty of speculation as to his future. Will he stay, will he leave, will WWE throw him a bone and give him an opportunity that he so clearly wants?

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