6 Things You Didn’t Know About Firefly Fun House and Bray Wyatt

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The WWE Universe recently witnessed the birth of the new Bray Wyatt and with it, the Firefly Fun House. Within minutes, the Internet had gone bananas over the new character, many loving what they were seeing, others already condemning it to failure. One thing the vignette did was get people talking.

After seeing the promo on Raw and then again on SmackDown Live, I did some digging, read countless articles since he debuted and uncovered a few things. Putting in my own two cents **, I also made a few logical assumptions. If you’re curious as to what this character is all about and where it will go, this might be of some interest.

Here are six things you might not know about the new Bray Wyatt character and his Firefly Fun House.

** Note: Some of this is not to be taken as confirmed news, but rumor and specuation.

The Origin of the Character Is Actually Quite Simple

First off, I’d heard some time ago that Bray’s long absence was an opportunity for WWE to really reboot his character. The company was disappointed in how they dropped the ball with him and they wanted to bring him back in a way that would create conversation.

Vince wasn’t wanting to completely abandon the Bray Wyatt gimmick having really liked it but realized that just bringing Bray back as the character everyone knew when he left wasn’t going to work. This idea was WWE’s way of blending the old with something new and unforgettable.

There’s not much more to this idea than creating a character that is a hybrid of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood meets Norman Bates. That was the basis of the concept and WWE is interested in him becoming the creepiest and scariest personality on the roster in years. WWE wanted someone people were supposed to love on paper but once you got to see him and know him, you realized just how truly evil he was.

Vince has a firm belief in Bray’s ability to talk and is confident in his ability to make this work when others might not be able to. The character will get a slow build before having his first feud and he will do things like listening to his gloves, (Hurt and Heal), who in many ways are the inspiration for his decisions.

Expect WWE to take their time with this idea. While you watch him on tv week after week, they want to build towards him showing up in an arena, then build towards him actually having a match, then towards a title run…

There is a bunny that needs to be introduced and references to the doll house that showed up in the promos but was not in the vignette. This suggests the involvement of a female personality.

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There Was Some Immediate Pushback from Shareholders

Not everyone loved the idea and upon first glance there were some shareholders with some deep pockets who expressed concern the idea of a children’s cult leader was a bit too much for the PG product.

WWE has chosen to move forward anyway but it might create a situation where some of the ideas for the vignettes and the scripting for certain videos will need to be revisited.

Some people took Bray’s cryptic tweet meant WWE was already killing the idea but that’s not true. With over 2 million YouTube views, it is far and away the most buzz the company has created in a long time about a character.


WWE Has a Crazy In-Ring Entrance Planned For Him

When Bray Wyatt does debut in a way that isn’t just a vignette, speculation is that WWE has been working on a wacky in-ring entrance for the character. Sort of a mixture of his old gimmick with a Doink the Clown vibe.

There is also a plan to introduce a stage show where Wyatt moves the promos to a live venue, much like you would see with The Barber Shop or Piper’s Pit. The puppets will be involved and the set will be built in a way that allows actors to perform the actions of the puppets live on stage.

He may even include live guests and build his following. Bo Dallas would make a perfect fit as his brother in real life, another performer who is underrated and with little to do these days. Nikki Cross is rumored but one thing to notice is that on the wall behind Bray, there is a nail that is supposed to hang a picture but the picture is actually not there. This suggests someone else will be introduced.

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When Will He Actually Wrestle?

The words I’ve heard used are that he will be “unbeatable” when it comes time to put him in the ring but I’ve also heard that wins and losses won’t really matter. In some cases, Bray may lose on purpose or forget all about the idea that winning or losing is important. He may even refer to the fact that his old character used to care about such things but the newer and more improved Wyatt does not.

All of this will slowly add up to him becoming more and more unhinged, leaving his opponents completely confused and he may even wrestle with himself to make the right decisions during his matches. In fact, his gloves may tell him what to do to his opponents as the matches end or are coming to an end.

He Is Very Much in on Creative

For fans who are saying this is the worst idea for Bray, they should know, he’s very much involved in the production, creation, and direction behind the character. Not only that, but speculation is that he’s getting help from The Undertaker, Jason Jordan and a Hollywood personality named Jason Baker.

The “Oh You Didn’t Know” podcast said the following:

“I’m actually told they’ve already created some crazy segments with input from Jason Jordan, Triple H, and even The Undertaker.

So Jason Baker who does special effects and has worked on Jack Reacher and some other things, he helped direct the vignettes with Bray and he built the puppets.”

There are some odes and references made to many personalities in the past of WWE, including Mercy the Buzzard as an homage to Waylon Mercy. Some have suggested he’s actually the voice (I’m not sold on that).

Subtle Things People Missed

If you re-watch the video, you’ll notice a few things that you might have missed the first time through. For example, when he appears with his gloves for the first time, there is a distinct purring noise that can be heard. Perhaps a large cat or something that might represent another idea to be introduced later.

We already alluded to the missing picture.

There is a sombrero in the corner of the room, which is not something the old Wyatt is known for and the chair is covered by a blanket suggesting some kind of reveal later on.

The kids applaud when he says he’s been barbarically punished for his wrongdoings. This suggests the idea that Bray believes in punishment for those who have done wrong.

There are probably more hidden Easter eggs throughout.

Vince Is In Love With This

Unless WWE is forced to drop it due to a loss of sponsors or shareholders really getting nutty with this idea, Vince is going all-in on it. He loves the idea. In fact, it seems like he’d be the kind of evil genius behind the words “Yowey Wowey!”

The same man who was all over the idea of a Boogeyman, Papa Shango and other cryptic characters, he’s sold on the concept and wants it to work. The trick will be whether or not he can keep his hands off the writing and let others run with it.

Part of what ruined the old Bray Wyatt character and something like Broken Matt Hardy was the Vince got too hands on. If he can let people like The Undertaker and Bray collaborate largely unhindered, everyone will be better off.